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We usually breed 1-3 litters per year.  We try NOT to have Brittany puppies during hunting season!
We occasionally have a Brittany puppy for sale.  Many references available upon request. 
See: Past Litters and Happy Hunters for more photos of our past Brittany pups.

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Updated May 18th, 2019

May 18th, Turah is whelping:
1. 10:45: Male pup, mostly white, 258g.
2. 11:20: Female pup, large orange spots, 242g.
3. 11:40: Female, much white, 4 small spots, 172g.
4. 12:15: Male, two tiny head spots, 254g.
5. 12:25: Female, small spot on left shoulder, 266g.
6. 1:00: Male, small dot in rt. shoulder, 210g.
7. 1:55: Male, large dot on head, most color, 220g.
8. 2:35: Female, dbl. dots in line on head, 298g.
9. 2:55: Female, 2 dots on rt. shoulder, large dot on head, 260g.
10. 3:20: Male, dot on head, Right shoulder mark, small dot on lower back, 270g.

On 5-19-19 my wife Jan and daughter Skye were killed in a freak car accident while coming home from the Ogden, UT dog show.  Please bare with me while I and Sari try to deal with this unspeakable tragedy...  Todd

5-20-19: Tails and dew claws removed.  Some of the nb pups had tails the correct length so did not need theirs docked.
The pups are named after conifer trees (evergreen trees).

Pup 1: male, 258g.

Pup 2: female, 242g, nb.*

Pup 3: female, 172g, nb.

Pup 4: male, 254g, nb.

Pup 5: female, 266g.

Pup 6: male, 210g, nb.**

Pup 7: male, 220g, nb.

Pup 8: female, 298g, nb.

Pup 9: female, 260g.

Pup 10: male, 270g.
*nb = natural bob tail (born short).  This is a recessive gene inherited from Tempo which causes the tails to be shortened in various lengths.  It causes no problems.  We expected about 50% and had four normal and six nb.
**Some nb tails are bent or curved.  These longer/bent nb tails will be cropped to the appropriate length for all Brittanys.  Tails are cropped so they are not damaged during hunting.  This could cause the dog to bleed to death because they wag their tails really hard when they are happily hunting birds!  Call Todd if you have any questions about nb tails.

Turah and her 10 new pups just whelped 5-18-19.  Five girls and 5 boys.  About half natural bob tails.  She is not so sure about me hovering over her with a camera.  She is being a great mom with her first litter!

See below for information: 
Pups:  Males $1,000.   Females $1,100.

Turah x Tempo
GCH Warbonnet Wynd Turing Firestarter JH x DC/AFC Kinwashkly Tempo

Turah fetching a quail at 6 months old.

GCH Warbonnet Wynd Turing Firestarter "Turah" 
Whelped 11-16-16.  OFA: Hips Good, Elbows Normal, #BS-18328G24F-NOPI.  DNA Profile #: V867212.  By: DC Warbonnet Orion In The Big Sky JH "Rye" x CH Firestarter's Chasing The Sunset "Rae".  Rye is OFA Excellent (see above) and Rae is
PennHIP .35L/.38R (90th percentile).  Turah is a smaller girl, very independent yet biddable and friendly.  She is turning into a super pheasant finder!  Turah finished her  Championship in June and her Grand Championship in Sept., 2018.  She has field trial placements.  She loves to hunt, is a real intense hunter and holds her points very well.  She is REALLY into running on the bicycle when getting into tip-top shape for hunting and trials!

See:  Rae's web page.   Turah's Pedigree.
Left: Turah with Todd at a Field Trial.  Right: Turah on point.

Turah on the right, Oct. 2018.

Tempo on point.

I have seen Tempo at field trials and this dog can HUNT! Todd
DC Kinwashkly Tempo
Owners: Leslie Andreas and Joyce Miley.  Whelped: 1/1/2011.  By: FC/AFC Trademark's Ice Man x DC/AFC Kinwashkly French Velour. 
OFA Good:
From Kinwashkly Brittanys Recent Winners: "Tempo won the Open All Age at the Montana Brittany Club 2015 trial, handled by Ed Tillson. It was a 4 point major, and qualified Tempo to run in the ABC National all age championship this November. Tempo won the 20 dog Amateur All Age at the Sooner Brittany Club trial in November, handled by Bob Rankin, which qualified him for the National Amateur Championship. Tempo and Ed won a 5 point open all age stake at the Iowa Brittany Club, which completes Tempo's field championship! Tempo made his first one hour placement by going 4th out of 43 entries at Mid America All Age championships in Nebraska. As soon as trial season was over, Tempo headed out to the show circuit with his pal, Jessica Carlson. Two days later, he got his first show point in Texas, in field condition. Tempo had a very good weekend in Missouri early in June. He earned another 9 points towards his dual championship. Included were 2 majors and 2 Best of Breed wins. In Oklahoma, Tempo was Best of Winners two days in a row in July. Thanks to Kari Smith for stepping in to handle him. In Iowa, Jessica Carlson handled Tempo to his final points to earn his dual championship. He is a third generation dual champion for me since his dam and granddam are both my duals too. He is dual champion number 13 for me as a breeder! He is available at stud to approved bitches, contact me! Tempo placed 3rd in the Amateur All Age (13 starters) at the Northern Oklahoma Brittany Club October 2016,handled by Bob Rankin. He won the Open All Age stake at the Sooner Brittany Club the following weekend. The first weekend of November, Tempo won the hour Open All Age stake at the Midwest Brittany Club trial. Tempo placed 4th in the hour Region 17 Amateur All Age Championship, handled by Bob Rankin in March 2017. He placed 4th in the 28 dog Open All Age stake at the fall Hawkeye Brittany Club trial. Tempo and Bob Rankin teamed up again to win the Amateur All Age at Indian Nations Brittany Club October 2017, giving him another 3 point major to his amateur field championship. He won the 24 dog Open All Age at the Sooner Brittany Club October 2017. He was also 2nd in the Amateur All Age at the same trial, placing right behind his half brother Fat Bastard. Tempo finished his AFC title in great style by winning the 20 entry Texas Amateur All Age Championship in March! In August, Tempo placed 2nd in the Open All Age at the Montana Brittany Club, handled by Ed Tillson." 
Tempo's first litter produced the 2016 ABC Central All Age futurity winner, Ch. Kinwashkly Single White Female, who has herself produced the 2018 ABC Western gun dog and dual futurity winner....
See also:
Kinwashkly Brittanys

Belle x Coltan
CH Warbonnet Wynd Drinker x CH Alar's Chasing Paydirt

We had some early issues in this pregnancy but, they seem to be over.  Ultrasound shows at least 4 puppies.  Pups Due in late May.
  Half the pups should have orange spots like Belle and the other half will have liver spots like Coltan.  Some of either color may be roan.

CH Warbonnet Wynd Drinker "Belle"
Hips: OFA Excellent BS-18274E24F-NOPI, Elbows: Normal BS-EL1733F24-NOPI.  DNA Profile #: V867217.  Whelped 10-2-16.  By: Am/Can DC Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper "Ned" x GCH Warbonnet Summer Wynd Dancer "Dancer".  Ned is OFA: GOOD, CERF: NORMAL.  He has placed Three Times at Nationals!  Website - Pedigree - Field Trial Placements
From his owner Vern: Ned is "Happy and snappy, the ability to find birds and run like the wind, with the sweetest nature is Ned in a nut shell!  Ned is now one of the top ranked All Age Brittanys in the US, and in May 2013 became the first Canadian-owned American/Canadian Dual Champion Brittany in history!"
From Todd: I have been wanting to breed to Ned for a long time.  His record in the field and nice personality speak for themselves.  He is also the son of Meadow's (our Kinwashkly bitch) sister Val (also a Am/Can Dual Champion) so this brings our Wyndy lines and the Kinwashkly lines together in Belle.  Belle is a show Champion as of June, 2018.  She has field trial placements and a Derby FT win so, she is Dual Pointed.
Belle's Puppy Photos    Belle's Pedigree

Belle and Turah on point during a hot summer training day.  Turah is still wet from having jumped in the creek.  Belle's shorter coat had already dried.

CH Alar's Chasing Paydirt "Coltan"
Breeder/Owner: Jessica Carlson.  wh. 7/19/15.  OFA Good BS-18250G37M-VPI
From Alar Brittanys: "Coltan was a standout from the start, and we think we hit paydirt with this outstanding young liver roan boy! His call name comes from an ore, columbite-tantalite, or "coltan". Coltan is an impressive expression of the best from each of his parents. We have started him slowly but he has a field trial placement and finished his show title in just a handful of appearances. His last two wins were 5-point majors, one of which was Best of Breed over 6 champions! Coltan is an enthusiastic bird dog with impressive intensity and style on point, and he LOVES his birds! After spending a season working on learning his manners for future competition in adult stakes with trainer Ben Garcia, Coltan has returned to "team Tequila" for summer camp and fall trials. Watch for more from this very promising young dog in the future!"
Coltan's Pedigree  

Coltan is an awesome looking Brittany!

Ed Tillson flushing a bird for Coltan at a field trial in Feb., 2019.

Dancer x Oudi Puppy Pages
Dancin' Litter
7 pups arrived 2-15-19, 5 males, 2 females. 
Futurity nominated.  All pups reserved.

Some Past Warbonnet Brittany Pup Photos Below:
Dancer x Oudi pups whelped Feb., 2019.  Two girls and 5 boys: Dancin' Litter

Brittany Puppies

Dancer x Chief pups whelped Feb., 2018, 4 girls and 4 boys: Montana Hi-Line Towns Litter 

Brittany pup.

Brittany spaniel puppy

Dancer x Ned pups whelped 10-2-16, 5 girls and 2 boys: Gunslinger Litter

Brittany Puppies.

 Breez x Arrow pups 2-2-16!   Montana Mountain Passes Litter, 3 boys and 2 girls.    Complete Photos and Information    

Winter 2015 Breez x Arrow Pups, 3 boys and 4 girls.


Two Breez x Quinn pups at 4 weeks of age.
5 boys and 2 girls.  Whelped 2-14-14.  Breez x Quinn pups photos


Two Maggie x Quinn pups on 8-3-13,
5 boys and one girl.
See: Maggie x Quinn pups

See: Past Litters and Happy Hunters for many more photos of our pups!
Some of our pups:

L to R: Humans: Todd, Skye and friend Jim.  Britts: Breez, Ruby, and Ida.  Ruby hips are rated OFA Excellent.  These are all Maggie x Dubb pups (sisters) at a very successful AKC hunt test in ID, 3-2012.  Ruby is 3 yrs old, Breeze and Ida just one year old.  It rained and snowed at the event.  We had a great time at this hunt test and REALLY like the way these dogs hunt!!
Update Fall 2013: Breez's & Ida's hips are OFA Good, Elbows Normal.

Liberty (Ellie Mae) from Maggie x Quinn, summer 2013 litter.  Her home is Asotin, WA.

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Breez x Quinn pups at 5 wks.  3-23-14.

Kids & Warbonnet Brittany Puppies!

Past Litters

We produce an occasional litter of pups if we feel we can maintain and/or improve the Brittany.

Before we breed our dogs they must: 1) prove themselves with family, hunting, competition, 2) be at least 2 yrs. old, and 3) pass OFA hip certification.  We only [breed/breed to] dogs that are OFA certified, AKC DNA registered, actively involved in hunting and competition, have a title(s) and are out of Dual lines.  We strive to produce the best Dual Quality Family Hunting Dogs we can!  TB.

We as the breeders reserve the right of first choice.  Brittanys have not been called "Brittany Spaniel" since the 1980's.

Over the years we have placed Brittany puppies in the following States: Montana, Texas, Idaho, Oregon, California, Kentucky, Alberta Canada, Saskatchewan Canada, British Columbia Canada, Florida, Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, Alabama, Wisconsin, and Utah.

Warbonnet Brittanys Puppy Contract - Choosing A Brittany - Breeders Code Of Ethics - I Want A Brittany - Responsible Breeders - Breed Standard - American Brittany Rescue - A Responsible Breeder Should