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Ch Wyngold Wyndy
Wyndy with Kids and Birds
"just what Brittanys are for"

CH Wyngold Wyndy Warbonnet, JH "Wyndy" 09/30/01 to 10-5-17.  OFA GOOD, elbows: normal.  OFA #: BS-11942G28F-NOPI.  DNA Profile #: V581002.  By DC Dogwood's TM Dan-Dee x Ch Wyngolds Nickelodeon, Breeder Goldie Coats.  Wyndy was our pride and joy.  She was almost exactly what we wanted in a Brittany.  She was (as with all our dogs) a mixture of Dual Champion field and show lines that HUNT - and man did she hunt!  Wyndy was definitely Todd's dog!!  She was a smaller, medium boned Brittany with motion to die for.  Wyndy was great with the family/kids, hunted, pointed and fetched like a dream, showed well, was very bidable, smart, and enjoyable to be with.  She earned 4 legs out of 4 attempts as she finished her AKC Junior Hunter title and scored a +40/40 on one of these.  She enjoyed water ('liked to fetch grayling out of mtn. lakes!) and was "broke" for field trials, with placements. 
Wyndy died at the ripe old age of 16 - of old age.  She will always have a special place in our hearts...

Wyndy's Pedigree - Wyndy's Photos 
Wyndy's Sire  


                      with Sari
CH Warbonnet Golden Magpie, JH "Maggie" Whelped: 12/18/04. OFA Good, Elbows: normal.  OFA #: BS-13667G27F-PI.  DNA Profile #: V557668.  By DC Wyngold's Tough To Touch x CH Wyngold Wyndy Warbonnet, bred by us (Todd & Jan Breitenfeldt) out of Wyndy and Redd.  Maggie is a happy, classy looking girl who's tail is always a waggin (waggy Maggie!  :^).  She is (as with all our dogs) a mixture of Dual Champion field and show lines that HUNT!  Mag is part of the family and is a real bird finding machine!  She has AKC puppy and derby field trial placements, her AKC Junior hunt test title and is a show Champion as of 9-19-07.  She was handled to her Championship completely by our daughter Sari.  Maggie finished with 17 points and 4 Majors: 1) Spokane, WA, 2) Filer, ID, 3) Enumclaw, WA, and 4) Bozeman, MT.  Maggie really enjoys practicing agility!  She is locally known as "the butterfly Britt" because she is obsessed with catching butterflies on the wing and does aerial acrobatics in front of the hunt test/field trial gallery, after the brace.
Maggie's Photos  (pup name Vixen) -
Maggie's Pedigree

Maggie with Sari handling.
Rye earning his puppy & derby field trial points (2&2) at his first trial with Melody handling, April, 2010.

Rye as pictured on the cover of the American Brittany Club magazine for being Western Futurity Dual Dog for 2011.
DC Warbonnet's Orion In The Big Sky, JH "Rye"  Whelped: 2-13-09.  By 2xNAGDC/DC/AFC Clyde's Double Trouble x CH Warbonnet Golden Magpie, JHOFA: Excellent, Elbows normal.  Bred by us (Todd & Jan Breitenfeldt) out of Maggie and Dubb.  Rye is nicely structured with lots of deep orange color.  He loves to fetch, point birds and is blazing away in field trials!  Rye handles nicely.  He was Western Futurity Dual Dog of the year for 2011.  We co-own Rye with Melody and he usually stays with her in Livingston, MT.  He qualified for the 2013-14 American Brittany Club National Gun Dog and National Open All Age Trials.
At Stud
American Brittany Club Western Futurity, Jan. 2011: Rye places 3rd in the show with Sari handling and 3rd in the Gun Dog Field Trial with Melody handling and earns the:
Western Futurity Dual Dog of the Year Award!
Rye's puppy photos (pup name: Jasper)
Rye's pedigree
Rye's photos  

Rye is Co-Owned by:
1. Melody Edwards, (Lewistown, MT)

 2. Todd, & Sari Breitenfeldt, Warbonnet Brittanys  (MT)

Breez on the Break Away at the 2013 Western Futurity field trial, May, 2013.  Todd is on the far right wearing the blue hat.

Breez at the Western Futurity with Todd.  May, 2013.
CH Warbonnet Chinook Wynd "Breez"  OFA Good (BS-16375G31F-NOPI), Elbows Normal (BS-EL1119F31-NOPI), DNA Profile #: V709772.  Whelped: 3-3-11.  By 2 X NAGDC/DC/AFC Clyde's Double Trouble x CH Warbonnet Golden Magpie, JHBred by us (Todd & Sari Breitenfeldt) out of Maggie and Dubb.  Breez finished her show championship with 3 majors.  She is busy pointing sages, huns, chukar, sharps and pheasants during hunting season.  Breez has 3 legs on her JH title (in one weekend of hunt testing), one more to go.  In the field out hunting she is intense but easy to handle.  She loves to hunt and fetch! 

Her pedigree is the same as Rye's:
Rye's pedigree

Ida (Co-owned with Jim in ID) on point, training on chukars along the Salmon River, winter, 2013.  Photo by Jim O.
Warbonnet Little Ida
, JH  "Ida"
  Whelped: 3-3-11.  By 2 X NAGDC, DC, AFC Clyde's Double Trouble x CH Warbonnet Golden Magpie, JH Bred by us (Todd & Sari Breitenfeldt) out of Maggie and Dubb.
We co-own Ida with Jim in Salmon, ID.  She spends most of her time with Jim.  When she is not hunting or competing, she spends her time jet-boating the Salmon River with Jim and her older full sister Ruby.  Ida has her JH title, field trial points (she won the derby at the Montana Britt Club field trial!), and show points.  She is very, very birdy, a real chukar finding machine!!

Her pedigree is the same as Rye's: Rye's pedigree

Ida's Photos
Ida's Pup Photos (pup name Pintlar)


Dancer's first pheasant hunt fall, 2014.
GCH Warbonnet Summer Wynd Dancer "Dancer" Whelped: 2-14-14.  By: BIS, BISS, GCH, CH RJ'S Sierra Edition, MH x CH Warbonnet Chinook WyndHips: OFA GOOD, OFA #: BS-17373G28F-NOPIDNA Profile #: V867214.  Bred by us (Todd & Sari Breitenfeldt), Dancer finished her show championship winter 2016 winning 3 majors in 3 days at the Portland, OR shows.  She is super at finding, pointing and fetching birds!!  She is also a great hiking, fishing, running and biking companion.  As of Fall, 2017 Dancer is a Grand Champion.

Dancer's Puppy Photos (pup name Annie)
Dancer's Pedigree
Dancer's Photos

                                                                         In this "tug-o-warbonnet" Dancer is the pup on the right.

Belle (left) and Turah on point July, 2017.

Bell winning the AWD at the California BC field trial January, 2018.
CH Warbonnet Wynd Drinker "Belle" Whelped 10-2-16.  Hips: OFA Excellent BS-18274E24F-NOPI, Elbows: Normal BS-EL1733F24-NOPI.  DNA Profile #: V867217.  By: Am/Can DC Kinwashkly Dirty Ned Pepper "Ned" x CH Warbonnet Summer Wynd Dancer "Dancer".  Ned is OFA: GOOD, CERF: NORMAL.  He has placed Three Times at Nationals!  Website - Pedigree - Field Trial Placements
From his owner Vern: Ned is "
Happy and snappy, the ability to find birds and run like the wind, with the sweetest nature is Ned in a nut shell!  Ned is now one of the top ranked All Age Brittanys in the US, and in May 2013 became the first Canadian-owned American/Canadian Dual Champion Brittany in history!"
From Todd: I have been wanting to breed to Ned for a long time.  His record in the field and nice personality speak for themselves.  He is also the son of Meadow's (our Kinwashkly bitch) sister Val (also a Am/Can Dual Champion) so this brings our Wyndy lines and the Kinwashkly lines together in Belle.  Belle is a show Champion as of June, 2018.  She has field trial placements and a Derby FT win so, she is Dual Pointed.
Belle's Puppy Photos  Belle's Pedigree 


Turah earning a show Major win, 2018.
CH Warbonnet Wynd Turing Firestarter "Turah"  Whelped 11-16-16.  OFA: Hips Good, Elbows Normal, #BS-18328G24F-NOPI.  DNA Profile #: V867212.  By: DC Warbonnet Orion In The Big Sky JH "Rye" x CH Firestarter's Chasing The Sunset "Rae".  Rye is OFA Excellent (see above) and Rae is PennHIP .35L/.38R (90th percentile).  Turah is a smaller girl (about 25 lbs.), very independent yet biddable and friendly.  She is turning into a super pheasant finder!  She is fun to have in the house and loves to fetch.  Turah finished her show Championship in June, 2018 and is a Grand Champion as of September, 2018.  She has field trial placements.  See Rae's web pageTurah's Pedigree

Left: Belle and Turah munching on our Chews Montana antler chews.

Right: Kintla and Turah with some 2018 Montana pheasants.

Kintla at 8 months of age earning a major win, June 2018.

Under Construction:
Elkhorn Mtn's Southpaw Warbonnet Strut The Big Sky "Kintla"
  Whelped: 10-1-17,
By: DC Warbonnet Orion In The Big Sky JH "Rye" x GCHB CH Southpaw's I Can Do The Stray Kat Strut JH CGC, both OFA Good.  We co-own Kintla with Tommie of Elkhorn Mountain Brittanys where she spends most of her time.  Kintla has 2 show majors for 9 points towards her show CH as of June, 2018.  She is very birdy, friendly, and showey with superb motion.
Kintla's Pedigree 
Kintla's Photos 
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